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Beginning a career as an engineer can be daunting. Beginning a career as a female engineer can be even more so. Taking your first steps into what is perceived as a male-dominated industry may be intimidating for many women, while those without a STEM degree may feel underqualified or like an imposter. However, at CityFibre, we’re here to support you and help you to build the career you want.

To take your first steps as a CityFibre engineer, we’d say simply apply and send us your details. However, embarking on a new career path isn’t always so simple, and there’s often much more to think about.

So, here are some essential things we’d like you to remember if you’re thinking about taking your first steps as an engineer.

You don’t necessarily have studied a STEM subject

At CityFibre, we help each of our employees to learn and develop regardless of academic background. You don’t need to have studied a STEM subject to get ahead with CityFibre – instead, show us your desire to progress your career, and we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your ambitions. Some of our leading female engineers have studied Medical Microbiology, History, Environmental Science and Physical Geography, while others don’t have a degree at all. If you have the motivation to start your journey and work your way up, knowledge and experience are worth so much more than a degree on paper. We’re a team, and we learn together. There is an immense amount of training that CityFibre provides to ensure that you are trained in all aspects of the role, including some in-house courses and some externally accredited courses. As a new starter, you’ll be buddied up with a more experienced mentor who can show you the ropes. 

Industry experience is good but not essential

If you’re thinking about a career change, don’t let a lack of experience deter you. One of our engineers, April, started her career journey working in Flood Risk Management and recently transitioned into a role here at CityFibre. She says, “I’ve been supported as a new starter with training, regular calls, communication across teams to better understand the inner workings of the business and had an induction call with other new starters and the CEO. This has helped me feel part of the CityFibre family and more excited to crack on with the job.”

Another of our engineers, Louise, claims her highlight of working at CityFibre is “being accepted on the Aspiring Managers Programme and being promoted within 6 months regardless of the fact I have no prior experience.” As you can see, our opportunities really are open to anyone.

Don’t let a lack of industry experience hold you back, as STEM is as much about transferrable skills as it is knowledge of the subject. We’ll guide you every step of the way. We need the next generation of innovative thinkers and go-getters to build their careers with us so that we can keep evolving and stay at least one step ahead; we understand that we won’t always find that talent by looking within our own industry. If you’ve got a fresh perspective, we’d love to see it.

You could always join the Planner Academy

Our Planner Academy helps college and university graduates to get a head start in our industry. You don’t need qualifications, just a determination to succeed. Cohorts will benefit from a mix of classroom and on the job training. This 8-month training programme aims to teach members to design and deliver our best-in-class networks. The programme gives network planning knowledge, skills and experience to quickly progress to a career as an Associate City Planner. After this, you can take ownership of the project management and collaborate with our Designers to deliver the best digital infrastructure possible.

Consider doing some external reading or research

If you want to gain a bit of a head start in the industry, our engineers recommend you do some additional reading, or complete a course like Prince 2 or CCNA, to enhance your knowledge. This will give you a good foundation and make starting a new career much less daunting. In a complex industry like ours, there is always more to learn and discussions to be had, so there’s no harm in arming yourself with a bit of extra knowledge. However, we will always be on hand to provide the training and offer advice when needed, so please don’t feel as though you’re on your own on this career journey.

One of our engineers, Louise, says, “my current role is a much more technical role than I had originally applied for, so I decided to throw myself entirely into it. I attended all training given and then went back to the teams for further clarification and how wonderful they all were in explaining everything to me and then some more. Nothing was ever too much trouble for anyone. The team spirit in the company is second to none.”

Above all, be passionate

The best way to start your career as a CityFibre engineer is to be passionate and confident in your abilities. When we asked our current female engineers what their most significant piece of advice would be for other women considering a career in engineering, they all said the same thing. Just do it. If you have the determination and passion to succeed, the possibilities for you at CityFibre are endless.

We’re passionate about our mission to unleash Britain’s potential in a digital age, and therefore we need people who are equally excited by our mission to join us. Joining CityFibre is about making history and making lives better, therefore above all else, you need passion to succeed.

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