Introducing Sort / Switch - for Career Changers

A NESTA CareerTech Challenge Prize Project

SORT | Switch already works for thousands of career starters every day, helping them discover career types and opportunities, but the needs of career changers differ.

Sort/Switch will provide targeted help for career changers and those at most risk of losing their jobs in the future - whether through economic challenges, automation, or the results of the covid 19 crisis.

Want a career change? Need a career change?

We’re creating a new service, with support from the Nesta CareerTech Challenge prize and the UK Government’s Department for Education that will provide an end-to-end service, using an innovative user-controlled algorithm to enable those who want to, or need to, make a career change, but don’t know where to start.

Sort/Switch enables users to understand the skills they already have, discover potential career paths that might be compatible with them now, or with further training, understand which options are in growth industries in their area, access advice, support, and training to help them get there, and finally, to apply for opportunities relevant to them.

How we can help.

We’ll help those who want or need to change their working life to address gaps in:

1. Self knowledge (what transferable skills do I already have?)
2. Labour Market Information (what jobs are available, in my area?)
3. Know-how (how do I make the transition?)

We'll be making big changes.

Career changers will be able to tell us what they’ve already done and we’ll use our algorithm to identify skills they may already have, combine this with their interests and local labour market information, and make personalised role suggestions.

Users will be able to:

* Compare roles
* Access advice via live-chat
* Book a 1-2-1 call
* Identify their skills gaps
* Find learning providers and programmes

Then, when they’re ready...find and apply for jobs.

"We regularly hear from people who want or need to make a career change but who struggle to find easy-to-use, well designed tools to help them make sound decisions, so were extremely excited to be able to work with Nesta and the Department for Education to develop a solution tailored to the needs of those who need advice, support, and access to opportunity just as much as young people do."

Sort Co-CEO Lucy Griffiths