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Only 1% of applicants get an interview.

Be in the top 1%.

Become a top 1% applicant.

This online course will make your applications stand out, by implementing strategies gleaned from top recruiters & career experts.

Get more interviews.

Don't just endlessly respond to job adverts, use proven strategies to open more doors, get more calls and ultimately more job interviews.

Land your dream job.

This step by step approach has been used by 1000s of people around the world to land their dream job, even in the most competitive job markets.

What's included?

A step by step online course, to help you land your dream job. The course includes a downloadable e-book, CV templates, Interview practice questions, a list of key words to use in your CV and applications, and 23 individual video lessons:

  1. Welcome & introduction
  2. The jobs market as we know it
  3. Set yourself up for success
  4. Removing barriers to get your next job
  5. Discover 100s of job vacancies
  6. How the recruitment process works
  7. How to deconstruct job adverts
  8. Create job applications that stand out
  9. Create a winning CV/Resume
  10. Build your reputation online
  11. Create your own job opportunities
  12. Get head hunted
  13. Understand the job interview process
  14. Understand the interviewer's role
  15. Foresee potential interview questions
  16. Answer questions with confidence
  17. Handle difficult questions with ease
  18. Handling salary/benefit questions
  19. Questions you should ask
  20. Proven strategies to get a referral
  21. Linkedin profile optimisation
  22. Cold email blueprint
  23. The final word

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