Axon Garside

We’re a Manchester-based inbound marketing and sales consultancy and proud to be a HubSpot Partner. Here are some of the things that you might like to know about us: 1. We are really focused on results and we love sales teams. Our MD Ian comes from a sales background and knows what it's like to have rotten leads, big targets and a sales and marketing alignment gap that you could disappear into! It’s no coincidence that in our experience sales people really get inbound marketing because at its heart, inbound is about using content to tease open the opportunity and join customer goals with our USPs just as a solution sales person would if they had the chance to speak to the prospect. 2. We focus on learning as much about our customers as we can - through keeping up with the thought-leaders in their industries, through interviewing their customers, through avidly following relevant social media and through learning from other people who have taken the time to understand them. It’s THIS relentless focus that helps us create the quality of content that cuts through all the noise and delivers the results that our customers rely on 3. We have all the key disciplines of inbound marketing in our team from inbound consultants, copywriters, user experience and design, social media and analytics to HubSpot COS developers 4. We’re specialists - our team includes people with backgrounds in tech, professional service and industrial marketing and communications - so we can provide inbound marketing services really tailored to your needs 5. We can flex to your needs through our close network of experienced writers and inbound professionals whilst our business model means that we keep our costs and fees down through only deploying the people we need - when we need them 6. We were in B2B marketing long before anyone had heard of inbound and we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in technology so we understand what makes B2B buyers tick 7. We’re an award winning agency, the overall winner of the best campaign category in the national B2B Marketing Awards as well as being recognised by the Big Chip Awards in Manchester and being a HubSpot Gold Partner
We don't have any open opportunities at the moment, but follow us to be the first to know when something comes up.