Sort says: 'Ofcom are the UK's communications regulator. Overseeing home phone, mobile services, TV, radio and on-demand content, alongside the postal service and the airwaves used by wireless devices. Ofcom ensures that everyone has access to the communication technology they need, and maintains an environment where competition can thrive. They promote choice, secure standards and prevent harm. The evolution of technology changes how we work, interact and relax. At Ofcom, you'll be working in a fast paced environment which will have real impact on how we live and communicate. If this sounds interesting, then check out their opportunities, and join the team!' Ofcom says: 'Ofcom looks after communications in the UK. From phones and broadband to TV, radio, post and wireless devices, we regulate services at the heart of people’s everyday lives. This is an exciting time to join Ofcom. We’re delivering vital work to help shape the communications services of today and tomorrow – from helping the UK be a world leader in 5G mobile, to driving investment in ultrafast broadband and supporting the traditional postal service. As the UK’s broadcast regulator, we uphold standards on TV and radio. And we make sure communications companies stick to the rules and treat their customers fairly. To support all that work, we carry out world-class research in exciting areas such as technology and consumer behaviour. Ofcom is a forward-thinking, inclusive employer. Our graduates, apprentices and interns play a key role in all of these areas. Join us, and you can get involved from the start.
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