Job type

Admin assistant

£14k - £30k

Typical salary

38 – 40

Hours per week

Admin assistants give support to offices by organising meetings, creating documents and updating records.

More info

  • Work in a wide range of different industries
  • Build key business skills
  • Progress to management roles

Admin assistants give support to businesses by organising meetings, typing documents and updating computer records, and may also deal with some emails and phone calls.


  • Deal with queries on the phone, by email and social media
  • Greet visitors at reception
  • Type letters and reports
  • Update computer records
  • Print and photocopy
  • Order supplies
  • Set up meetings and take notes during them
  • Make travel arrangements for staff


You could work anywhere from a small business to a large employer like the civil service or NHS. Depending upon your employer, you may be able to do some work remotely.

You'll need

Entry requirements vary between employers, but most will be looking for someone who is organised, efficient and who has good communication skills. Some employers may expect you to have GCSEs including maths and English. You could get into this job through an intermediate apprenticeship in business administration or a business administrator advanced apprenticeship.

Administrative roles are a good entry route into specific industries and can be a good way to gain business skills.

Employers might also test your telephone, typing or IT skills. Experience of temping (taking on temporary roles via an agency that specialises in this) could lead to a permanent job.


With experience, you could progress from admin assistant to supervisor or office manager. You could also move into other departments such as IT or accounting. With further training, you could specialise in an area like legal, financial or medical administration.