Job type

Cement maker

£16k - £24k

Typical salary

35 – 40

Hours per week

Cement makers turn raw materials like limestone into building products

More info

  • Mix cement from raw materials for building and construction
  • Option to move into plant and machinery maintenance after completing a course in engineering
  • Work can be physically demanding, and will require you to wear safety equipment


  • Unloading raw materials like limestone and chalk
  • Transferring materials to crushing and milling machines
  • Feeding the crushed material into kilns to produce 'clinker'
  • Mixing additives like gypsum in the correct amounts
  • Operating grinding machinery that turns clinker into cement
  • Moving the finished product to storage silos
  • Loading bulk tankers for deliveries
  • Reporting problems in the production process to supervisors


You will have to wear safety equipment when operating machinery, and it may be physically demanding work at times.

You'll need

For this role you'll need the ability to follow instructions, and practical skills to operate equipment and machinery.

There are no set entry requirements for this role, but previous experience in construction or quarrying would be useful.

You could get into this job through a minerals processing or building products apprenticeship.


With experience you could become a shift supervisor. You could also move into plant and machinery maintenance after completing a course in engineering.