Job type


£15k - £35k

Typical salary

35 – 43

Hours per week

Croupiers run the games in casinos and make sure that the games take place in a friendly and fair manner.

More info

  • A social role that usually requires evening and weekend work
  • Ability to make mental calculations and read people is useful
  • Opportunities to work in exciting international locations or on cruise ships

As a croupier you'll explain the rules of the games played in a casino to players at the table, and make sure the rules are followed.


  • Setting up the betting table before a game begins
  • Welcoming new players to the table
  • Checking that all chips are placed on the table before the start of play
  • Collecting chips from losing bets
  • Making mental calculations of payouts to winners


You'll work under the supervision of a gaming inspector. 

You'll often work shifts from 2pm to 10pm, and 10pm to 6am, including weekends and bank holidays. You'll be on your feet a lot of the time and you'll be expected to be smart and well-groomed. Your employer will provide you with an evening dress or uniform and some of your meals may be provided.

You'll need

This role is ideal for someone who has a polite, tactful and friendly manner, the ability to think quickly and make fast mental calculations, the ability to concentrate for long periods and the ability to handle complaints and difficult situations.

You must be at least 18 years old and hold a personal functional licence (PFL) from the Gambling Commission.

You can apply directly to a casino company for a job as a trainee croupier, where you'll receive on the job training.

There are no formal requirements for this role, but it will help if you have English and maths GCSEs. Experience in customer service and handling money will also be useful.

At your interview you may have to pass a maths test to check that you can do mental calculations, along with a test of your manual dexterity.

When you finish your training your employer will apply for your licence.

You may also be able to complete a Level 2 (NVQ) Diploma in Gambling Operations while working.

Alternatively, if you search online you can find private training providers who offer croupier training courses. Be sure to do your research to make sure the training is right for you.


With experience you could progress to inspector or pit boss, and then on to manager. You could also work on a cruise ship or overseas.