Job type

Dog groomer

£13k - £20k

Typical salary

30 – 40

Hours per week

Dog groomers keep dogs' coats in good condition, and give their owners advice on coat care, grooming and diet.

More info

  • Work with animals and their owners to groom pets and show-dogs
  • Can be quite physical work with larger breeds and may affect you if you have allergies
  • Opportunities to become self employed and run your own grooming business

As a dog groomer you'll follow standards for how different breeds should look, for example, poodles are usually clipped to a particular shape. This is particularly important when dogs are being prepared for a show.


  • Shaping a dog's coat with electric clippers or a stripping knife
  • Shampooing and drying the dog's coat
  • Giving a final trim with scissors


The work can be quite physically demanding with larger breeds. It can also be dusty and hairy, and may not be suitable for people with allergies. You could work at a store, at a veterinary practice or in a grooming room.

You'll need

This role is ideal for dog lovers with the ability to handle dogs firmly but gently, the ability to calm and control nervous dogs, patience and attention to detail, good communication and customer care skills.

There are no set entry requirements, but you'll need experience with dogs.

You could start by getting experience by doing voluntary work with dogs in kennels or by taking a course in dog grooming like a Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants, Level 3 Certificate in Introductory Dog Grooming or Level 3 Diploma for Dog Grooming. These are offered by colleges and some private training centres.

The Dogs Trust and Do-it have more information on volunteering opportunities.

You could also get into this job through an intermediate or advanced apprenticeship in animal care or you could start as an assistant with a qualified and experienced dog groomer and learn on the job.


With experience and qualifications, you could become self-employed and work from home or become a mobile groomer, visiting owners' homes. You could also open your own salon or move into training.