Job type

Esports analyst

£23k - £58k

Typical salary

37 – 45

Hours per week

Esports analysts use data from Esports games or events to help players improve or to inform commentary.

More info

  • Analyse Esports game data to help players and developers improve performance
  • Technical work in a growing and exciting industry
  • Highly competitive, so you'll need skill and determination to succeed

Analysts use game data to explain what happened in a particular game, make predictions and forecasts, play out scenarios and/or inform coaching.


  • Work with detailed game data to analyse what went right or wrong in a particular game.
  • Make forecasts and predictions for different decision scenarios
  • This can be used to produce commentary and reviews of games or it can be used by games companies and professional sports teams to improve their gameplay or coach their teams to improve performance.
  • If you work for a games developer you'll use data analysis techniques to understand how players are using the game and to help inform product and gameplay developments.


You might work as a freelancer, especially when starting out, gaining work experience for small teams or posting your analysis online. You might also work as an analyst for a professional team, working with the coaching staff and players to improve their results. For this kind of work you might be based in a gaming house with team members or you might be able to work remotely in some cases.

You'll need

There are no set pathways into this kind of work, but if you have a qualification in data analysis or computer science it will certainly help you as you'll need to be able to produce detailed analyses of large amounts of data and develop predictions and forecasts based on specific scenarios and decisions.

As well as building up your skills and knowledge, you'll need to immerse yourself in the gaming industry and try to get some experience. You might get started by offering to do some analysis for a small or amateur team, and start to build your skills and contacts in that way. Posting your analysis of professional games online can also be a good way to build a presence and get noticed. You'll need to be dedicated and willing to work hard to get your first role, but experienced analysts say that once you get your first role it can be easier to find other work within the industry.


This is a field which is growing and developing constantly as Esports grow in popularity around the world. There are new opportunities and roles constantly being created, but it is still highly competitive, particularly when you're getting started.