Job type

Esports shoutcaster/host

£16k - £60k

Typical salary

16 – 60

Hours per week

Esports pundits commentate on Esports events providing a description of the game and an expert view on it.

More info

  • Use your Esports knowledge and presenting skills to engage and inform gaming audiences
  • Exciting work, ideal for someone with good communication skills and a passion for Esports
  • Opportunities to work on a self-employed basis and to travel

Shoutcasters or hosts provide commentary on Esports competitions or host them on stage. There are two types of work in this field - casters, who are normally at a desk or in a studio providing commentary on a game; and hosts, who present tournaments on stage. Some people do both of these or some specialise in one area.


As a caster, you'll:

  • Research the games and teams you'll be commentating on.
  • Provide 'play-by-play' commentary during gameplay, or 'colour' commentary after a big moment in a game.

As a host you'll:

  • Engage the crowd before, during, and after a competition
  • Interview players, team members, and other casters


You may need to travel to host and cast for big competitions and the hours can be long, but this role is perfect for someone with a deep passion for gaming and great communication skills.

You'll need

There are no set requirements but you'll need a passion for Esports and a deep understanding of a range of different games and sports as this will maximise the number of hosting opportunities you have.

You'll need great communication skills, an in-depth knowledge of Esports, quick thinking and adaptability, research skills, and a good memory to recall facts, names, and stats. It can also be helpful if you have analytical skills, as you'll need to be able to interpret game stats.

Many casters get started by streaming their own gaming or by hosting their own gaming channels on YouTube or Twitch. This is a great way to build up your experience, skills, and an audience. All things that you'll need to become a professional caster. This is a highly competitive field so, hard work and immersion in the gaming world are the best way to make yourself stand out in the industry.


As you build experience you could go on to host/commentate on bigger and higher profile events, or you could move into mainstream sports journalism, radio presenting, or commentating if this is of interest to you, or learn more about the esports industry and move into another role like a team manager/owner or coach.