Job type


£13k - £24k

Typical salary

28 – 30

Hours per week

Florists sell flowers and design bouquets for weddings, funerals, and special occasions.

More info

  • Sell cut flowers and arrange flowers for bouquets, gifts and events
  • You'll need creative and practical skills that you can learn through a course or on the job
  • Progress to run your own business or become a specialist, such as for wedding arrangements


  • Helping customers choose flowers and plants
  • Taking orders in person, on the phone and online
  • Keeping flowers in perfect condition
  • Preparing arrangements for displays and events
  • Giving plant care advice
  • Keeping the shop clean and tidy
  • You could also be selling gifts, greetings cards and decorations


You could be indoors in a shop or working outside on a stall. You may either deal with customers or make up flower arrangements at a workroom bench. Travelling to wholesalers and nurseries, or delivering customer orders may be part of the job.

If you run your own business, you'll do admin and keep accounts. The rate of pay for a self-employed florist can depend on the size and location of your business.

You'll need

To be a florist, you'll need thoroughness and attention to detail, the ability to work well with others as well as on your own, sensitivity and understanding, excellent verbal communication skills, the ability to come up with new ways of doing things, and customer service and active listening skills.

There are no set requirements, and many florists train on the job.

Experience in retail may be beneficial, but not essential, and certain employers may prefer a basic standard of maths and English.

You can also improve your prospects by doing relevant voluntary work and by joining a local flower arrangement society.

You could do a college course, such as a Level 1 Certificate in Floral Design, Level 2 Certificate in Floristry, or a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Floristry.

You can also do an intermediate or an advanced apprenticeship in floristry, where you'll do on the job training and spend time with a college or training provider.


With experience, you could start your own business or become a freelance floral decorator, doing exhibition work, demonstrations and teaching.