Job type


£16k - £63k

Typical salary

37 – 45

Hours per week

Futurists forecast what might happen to our society in the future, analysing trends and making predictions.

More info

  • Use data and research to make predictions about the future
  • Spend your time focused on potential future events
  • Opportunities to work as a freelancer or for a large organisation

Futurist or futurologist is a relatively new role that focuses on making forecasts and predictions about what might happen to human society, technology, the economy and other key systems in the future. Futurists may focus in their work on a particular area, like technology or the environment for example, or they work broadly across a whole range of issues.


  • Analysing past trends
  • Researching changes that are taking place in society
  • Making forecasts and predictions about what might happen in the future

These are useful to all kinds of people and organisations - including governments, the media, and private companies. 


Many futurists work as freelancers, in consultancies, or in universities or government departments as part of teams who research and make predictions, and some may work for private companies or think tanks.

You'll need

Many futurists develop an interest in the future during their university studies and there are now some degree and master's programmes focused on 'foresight' and future studies, which will help you understand the discipline, although for some futurists their passion or hobby develops into this becoming a career path.

You might join a future studies institute after studying at university or gain work experience before applying for a job or graduate scheme post in a consultancy which has teams focused on this area.

You'll need the ability to imagine a future beyond existing boundaries and not be constrained by what you already know to be possible. You'll also need to back this up with strong analytical skills and the ability to make sound judgements based on evidence. It's a balance between possibility, probability, and potential.


Futurists can find jobs with big businesses, governments, non-profits, educational organisations, think tanks, or consultancies.