Job type

Garage manager

£24k - £36k

Typical salary

43 – 45

Hours per week

Garage managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of a garage workshop.

More info

  • Manage workshops where cars and other vehicles are repaired and maintained
  • You'll combine mechanical knowledge with good business management skills
  • Opportunities to specialise in working with different vehicle types or in a field such as motorsport

As a garage manager, you'll be responsible for the smooth running of a garage.


  • Supervising of a team of mechanics
  • Dealing with customers
  • Organising bookings and assigning work to staff
  • Ordering parts
  • Checking the quality of work
  • Controlling a budget
  • Recruiting staff
  • Managing fleet accounts for commercial clients


You could work with cars, lorries, passenger vehicles and construction plant equipment. You could work in an office, at a garage, or in a workshop. Your working environment may be noisy and dirty, and safety clothing may be required.

You'll need

To be a garage manager, you'll need knowledge of engineering science and technology, business management skills, the ability to motivate and manage staff, customer service and time management skills.

You could do a college course such as Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, or Automotive Engineering.

You can also start as a motor mechanic or service technician, working your way up through training and promotion. You would need a vehicle technician qualification and several years' experience in the motor trade.


With experience you could become a fleet maintenance, service centre, or general business manager with a manufacturer's dealership. You could also become a technical manager, specialising in a particular area like heavy commercial vehicles or motorsport. IMI Accreditation for Management could help you progress in your career.