Job type


£28k - £70k

Typical salary

39 – 41

Hours per week

Geoscientists study the Earth's structure and formation, and analyse rocks to explore its natural mineral and energy resources.

More info

  • Use your scientific knowledge of the Earth's structure to advise on major projects like tunnels, dams, oil rigs and mining
  • Specialise in a particular area of interest
  • Combine lab and office work with practical outdoor work in different locations, including overseas

As a geoscientist, you'll use a range of investigation methods, including drilling, seismic surveying, satellite and aerial imagery, and electromagnetic measurement. Geoscience is a broad subject, but you could specialise in an area like geophysics, environmental geology, natural hazards, energy resources, or mining and extraction.


  • Assess the ground for building suitability on engineering projects like dam or tunnel building
  • Advise on suitable sites for landfill or storage of nuclear waste
  • Search for energy resources and minerals like gas and oil
  • Design projects to search for new water supplies
  • Study volcanic and seismic activity to develop early warning systems for communities living close to earthquake zones


You could work in a laboratory, on a rig or in an office, and your working environment may be physically demanding and outdoors in all weathers, with frequent travel often being required.

You'll need

To be a geoscientist, you'll need knowledge of maths, geography, physics, chemistry, engineering science and technology, analytical thinking skills, excellent verbal communication skills, and the ability to come up with new ways of doing things.

To work as a professional geoscientist you'll need a degree in a relevant subject. Courses often combine theory with fieldwork and practical training. Degree subjects include geology, geoscience, geophysics and Earth science.

It's becoming more common for new entrants to hold or be working towards postgraduate qualifications like an MSc or PhD.


With experience, you could progress towards a consultant position, or move into teaching or management.