Job type

Hat designer

£15k - £30k

Typical salary

37 – 40

Hours per week

Hat designers or milliners use creative skills to design and make hats.

More info

  • Use your creative skills to design and make hats
  • You'll need a combination of creative flair and practical, making skills
  • You could work for a fashion company or run your own business

As a hat designer, you'll create new design ideas for hats and other headwear.


  • Working to a client or company 'brief'
  • Analysing trends in fabrics, colours or shapes
  • Sketching designs by hand or with computer design packages
  • Making up prototype designs
  • Estimating costs
  • Finding suppliers hand-making hats
  • Supervising production
  • Showing designs at fashion shows and exhibitions


If you're self-employed your income will depend on how successful your business is. 

If employed, you'll usually work normal office hours. You may have to work extra hours to meet deadlines. 

You'll usually work in a studio or workshop. You may also have to travel to visit manufacturers, exhibitions and trade shows.

You'll need

This role would be ideal for someone with excellent design and communication skills, practical skills, and business and marketing skills if self-employed.

There are no set requirements.

Most hat designers and milliners start their career after gaining a degree or a higher national diploma in a related subject, e.g. in fashion and/or design, or a specific millinery course although this isn't essential.

Many employers will value skills and experience over qualifications. You will need a portfolio to demonstrate your work and skill set.


With experience and business skills you could set up your own business, or sell your designs to companies on a freelance basis.