Job type

Image consultant

£17k - £60k

Typical salary

30 – 40

Hours per week

Image consultants advise individuals on their appearance and how to make an impact.

More info

  • Work with individual clients and companies to help them improve the way they present themselves
  • Advise on everything from clothing and make-up to presentation skills and personal branding
  • You could work for yourself or work for an agency offering personal branding services

As an image consultant, you might work with people in politics, retail, and public and private companies. You could also work with the media, contributing to television and radio programmes, and to articles in the local, national and specialist press.

You'll develop a network of partners, including hair-stylists, make-up artists and voice coaches, that you'll refer your clients to.


Advise private individuals on...

  • how to dress in colours that suit them
  • clothes, make-up and hair that will improve their look
  • how to organise their wardrobe space
  • styling for events like weddings or business meetings
  • how to present themselves in public

You'll advise corporate clients on...

  • how to deliver training workshops
  • how to use voice and body language in business situations
  • personal branding and appearance
  • how to understand brand and corporate cultures
  • business etiquette, including spoken and written communication skills


You could work from home or at a client's business.

You'll need

This role would be ideal for someone with knowledge of teaching and the ability to design courses, customer service and leadership skills, thoroughness and attention to detail, be able to work alone, the ability to be innovative, patience in stressful situations, and excellent verbal communication skills.

There are no set entry requirements, but you could do a foundation degree, higher national diploma or degree in a subject like beauty therapy, media communications, or marketing.

You could also complete a course that will give you basic skills needed by professional image consultants, such as in make-up, fashion retail, or beauty therapy.

Direct application is possible for this job if you've already got experience or qualifications in areas like business consultancy; fashion, hair and beauty therapy; public relations; retail; sales and marketing; or training and coaching.

You can do private training courses to develop your skills with industry organisations like the Federation of Image Professionals International. You could then go on to set up your own business using these skills.

You should build a portfolio that shows your skills, including client case studies which explain the impact of your advice and the difference it's made.


You could work for either a large, international agency, or specialise in a particular area of work.