Job type

Immigration officer

£21.5k - £36k

Typical salary

41 – 43

Hours per week

Immigration officers make decisions on whether people have the right to visit or stay in the UK.

More info

  • Check to make sure people entering the country have the right to do so
  • You'll need to have excellent observational skills, communication skills, and attention to detail
  • You'll normally work at a port or airport and may need to work shifts

As an immgration officer, you will have to use good observational skills and initiative to decide whether a person has the right to enter or stay in the UK.


  • Interviewing people entering the country
  • Arranging for people to go back to the country they came from
  • Organising places in holding centres
  • Monitoring people and gathering information through surveillance work
  • Working on joint operations with police and Border Force officials
  • Visiting and interviewing people who are suspected of not having the right to remain in the UK


You could work at an airport building, at a border entry point or at a port. Your working environment can be emotionally demanding, and you'll travel often. 

You'll need

To be an immigration officer, you'll need excellent customer service, verbal and written communication skills, knowledge of English language, thoroughness and attention to detail, patience in stressful situations, to work well with others, and to think clearly using logic and reasoning.

You could do a college course such as a Diploma in Public Services, then once completed, you could apply for a trainee immigration officer post.

You could join the Civil Service as an assistant immigration officer. Once working, you could apply for a post as an immigration officer when vacancies become available.

Direct application is possible in the Civil Service, depending on the qualifications and experience you have and the exact job you're applying for. However, it is usually useful to have 2 A levels at grade C or above, a degree for some jobs, customer service skills, and the ability to speak another language.

You'll also need to be a UK national with no restrictions on your stay, be over 18 years of age, pass a medical check, pass DBS and security checks, and have a driving licence.


With experience, you could become a chief immigration officer or higher executive officer in the Civil Service.