Job type

Kitchen porter

£12k - £18k

Typical salary

18 – 42

Hours per week

Kitchen porters clean, wash up and prepare food to keep hotel, restaurant and hospital kitchens running smoothly.

More info

  • Hands-on work, requiring thoroughness and attention to detail for cleaning
  • Physical work on your feet all day, in sometimes hot and humid environments
  • Opportunities to progress to kitchen assistant or chef jobs

As a kitchen porter, you'll be responsible for maintaining a kitchen's cleanliness, adhering to health and safety regulations.


  • Unloading deliveries
  • Organising the storeroom
  • Collecting and washing pots, pans, plates and cutlery using a dishwasher or by hand
  • Washing and disinfecting kitchen appliances, work surfaces, floors and walls
  • Making sure kitchen equipment is properly stored
  • Removing and recycling waste from the kitchen


You might be paid by the hour. A lot of restaurants share tips with the kitchen staff, so you may get a small bonus at the end of the week. Your salary will depend on the type of restaurant you work for, and where it is.

Part-time, temporary and seasonal opportunities are often available. Working conditions are usually hot and humid, and your employer will often provide you with a uniform.

You'll need

Working as a kitchen assistant, you'll need thoroughness and attention to detail, the ability to work well with your hands, patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, to be able to work well with others as well as on your own, to accept criticism, excellent verbal communication skills, and physical skills like movement, co-ordination, dexterity, and grace.

There are no set requirements, but it might help if you have GCSEs in English and maths, or experience of working in a kitchen (though this is not essential).

You could also do a college course in cookery or hospitality, or do a hospitality team member intermediate apprenticeship.


With experience and training you could progress to kitchen assistant or chef.