Job type

Management accountant

£25k - £100k

Typical salary

37 – 39

Hours per week

Management accountants look after a company's finances and find ways to improve profitability.

More info

  • Work as an in-house accountant for a company
  • You'll need to be good with figures and have an ability to make strategic decisions
  • Great opportunities to move into senior roles within large organisations


  • Preparing financial statements and accounts
  • Monitoring spending and budgets
  • Analysing the company's financial performance
  • Forecasting and planning future spending and profits
  • Recommending ways to reduce costs and increase profits
  • Making business decisions
  • Auditing departments in your company
  • Preparing company reports for outside organisations
  • Managing a team of accountants
  • Overseeing the company's payroll, credit control and bookkeeping systems


As a management accountant you'll work for a company as an in-house accountant. You could work for almost any type of organisation. You'll work in an office.

You'll need

For this role, you'll need knowledge of economics, accounting and maths, thoroughness and attention to detail, administration skills, analytical thinking skills, the ability to work well with others, ambition and desire to succeed, good initiative, and a thorough understanding of computer systems and applications.

You could get this job through an accountancy and taxation professional degree apprenticeship at level 7. This is equivalent to a master's qualification.

You must complete training with one of the professional accountancy bodies like the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA), or the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Experience of working in a finance role will help you get into this career. Many large accountancy firms run insight days and offer shadowing opportunities, giving you the chance to see how the industry works.


With experience, you could become a senior manager or finance director, or the chief executive of a company. You could also become a self-employed management consultant. You could offer accountancy services in private practice if you register with CIMA.