Job type

Money adviser

£18k - £28k

Typical salary

30 – 32

Hours per week

Money advisers help people whose debts have become too large or difficult for them to handle.

More info

  • Help people to manage their money and advise on how to pay off debts when they get into difficulty
  • Combine knowledge of money and finance with helping people in need
  • You'll normally work for government organisations or charities

As a money adviser, you'll help those who have found themselves in financial difficulties.


  • Talking to clients about their money problems
  • Looking at income and outgoings
  • Carrying out a benefits check and supporting benefit claims
  • Working out a sensible budget
  • Helping put debts in order of importance
  • Talking with creditors to sort out a practical repayment plan
  • Gaining the client's agreement to any repayment plan
  • Talking about other options like bankruptcy and what happens in court
  • Taking the place of clients in court when asked to do so


You could work at a client's business, at a client's home or in a court.

You'll need

To be a money adviser you'll need customer service skills, knowledge of economics, accounting and maths, thoroughness and attention to detail, sensitivity and understanding, persistence and determination, analytical thinking skills, and excellent verbal communication skills.

A common way into this career is volunteering in an advice centre. You'll often start out by giving general advice, then receiving special training in money advice once you have gained experience.

Direct application is possible if you have some of the relevant skills and knowledge required for this role, as well as experience in fields such as consumer advice, welfare rights work, or debt recovery for a bank, utility company or similar organisation. Experience is more important than qualifications for this role.

Alternatively, you can also do a Level 3 Certificate and Diploma in Money and Debt Advice through the Chartered Institute of Credit Management.


With experience you could become a specialist caseworker, or be promoted to a team leader or management post.