Job type

Music supervisor

£35k - £100k

Typical salary

30 – 40

Hours per week

Music supervisors oversee the selection and licensing of music for films or television shows.

More info

  • Run the music department of a film or TV show
  • Select music for visual media and meet with directors/producers
  • Work freelance and have more flexibility with your hours

Music supervisors select, negotiate and license music for films or TV shows.


Your day-to-day tasks may include meeting with directors and producers; selecting, negotiating, and licensing music; tracking royalties through 'cue sheets'; and watching visual media to spot where background music is needed.


You'll most likely work as a freelancer on projects, but you could also work for a specific production or supervision company.

You'll need

To be a music supervisor, you'll need a keen interest in music of all genres, negotiation skills, excellent written communication skills, attention to detail, budgeting skills, knowledge of music licensing practices, and creativity.

There's no one set path to becoming a music supervisor, being a relatively new role.

Bachelor's degrees in music business or music management focus on the business aspects of the role. Then, applying for internships for record, film, TV, radio or video game companies would be beneficial for those looking to gain more experience as a music supervisor.

To be successful as a music supervisor, knowledge of and negotiation with music and licensing laws are just as important as a keen ear for music.


Once you're a music supervisor, you'll move on to work on bigger projects, or go on to set up your own music supervision company.