Job type

Musical instrument technician

£18k - £40k

Typical salary

37 – 44

Hours per week

Musical instrument makers and repairers create new musical instruments or repair ones that have been damaged.

More info

  • Combine a love of music with highly practical making skills
  • Design, build and test musical instruments using a range of materials
  • Most instrument makers are self-employed but there are opportunities to work in large companies

As a musical instrument technician, your job will involve making, repairing and tuning instruments.


  • Building new instruments
  • Repairing or renovating damaged or worn instruments
  • Restoring or producing period instruments
  • Working with different materials like wood, metal, plastic and fibreglass, using traditional hand tools
  • Fitting plastic, fibreglass and electronic parts to modern instruments like electric guitars
  • Applying finishing techniques like polishing and varnishing
  • Tuning instruments


You could work from home, at a client's home, in a workshop, or at a client's business.

You'll need

For this role, you'll need thoroughness and attention to detail, persistence and determination, good initiative, customer service skills, the ability to work well with your hands, analytical thinking skills, and physical skills.

There are no set requirements, but you'll need skills in music technology or instrument making and repair. You could take a foundation degree, or a short training course related to the type of instrument you want to make.

You could do a college course like a Level 3 Diploma in Music Technology.

Craft skills are often more important than qualifications to get into this career. A background in woodworking or music technology may help.


If you work for a larger manufacturer, you may be able to progress to supervisor or manager level. You could move into product development, buying or sales work.