Job type

Oil operations manager

£35k - £75k

Typical salary

44 – 46

Hours per week

Oil and gas operations managers plan and coordinate onshore and offshore exploration and production.

More info

  • Plan and manage oil and gas production
  • Great opportunities to travel and work all over the world, including on offshore rigs
  • You'll need excellent management and analytical skills

As an oil and gas operations manager, you'll oversee the co-ordination of onshore and offshore exploration and production of oil.


  • Making decisions about where to explore for fuel reserves
  • Carrying out risk assessments
  • Managing a technical team and subcontractors
  • Meeting production targets
  • Controlling budgets
  • Making sure production processes and facilities meet safety standards


You could work in an office, on a rig or visit sites.

Your working environment may be outdoors some of the time.

You'll need

For this role, you'll need business management and leadership skills, knowledge of manufacturing production and processes, the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure, to sell products and services, excellent verbal communication skills, maths knowledge, and the ability to monitor your own performance and that of your colleagues.

You'll usually need a degree or postgraduate qualification in science, engineering, geology or mining, before applying to join an organisation's management training scheme.


You could become an operations director or work independently as an oil and gas consultant, travelling all over the world.