Job type

Solar cell technician

£16k - £35k

Typical salary

37 – 42

Hours per week

Solar cell technicians carry out electrical work on solar energy products like solar panels.

More info

  • Install, repair, and maintain solar panels and other solar energy systems
  • Your work will often be outside and may be at a height
  • This is a growing industry with lots of opportunities


Solar technicians work on installing, maintaining and repairing solar panels and solar cells.


You may need to work outside in all weathers and sometimes at height, and you'll need to have a good understanding of health and safety issues.

You might spend your time travelling from site to site carrying out maintenance, repairs, or installations, or you might work on a single large site like a solar farm.

You'll need

This work requires you to have skills and knowledge of electrical systems and how to maintain them.

To get started in this industry you'll normally need to gain a City & Guilds qualification known as the 18th edition (currently) which means you are up to date on the latest electrical wiring standards. This is often a minimum requirement for jobs in this field.

You may also be able to start as an apprentice and your employer may put you through the relevant training needed to get started.

It is often an advantage to have a health and safety qualification and a driving license for this kind of role as you may need to travel from site to site.


This is a growing industry so there are increasing numbers of jobs in this area.