Job type

Stock control assistant

£13.5k - £30k

Typical salary

18 – 42

Hours per week

Stock control assistants keep track of stock levels and make sure there are enough supplies to meet customer demand.

More info

  • Keep track of stock levels and make sure there are enough supplies
  • You'll need good communication skills and customer service skills
  • You could become a stock supervisor or manager and lead a team


  • Processing orders
  • Making sure paperwork is correctly filled out
  • Checking stock levels and ordering new stock
  • Updating stock information on computer systems
  • Receiving deliveries
  • Making sure orders are despatched on time
  • Answering customer enquiries online, over the phone and face-to-face
  • Carrying out spot checks and audits
  • Your job may also include other duties like forklift driving or serving customers over the counter


You could work in places like shops, warehouses and distribution centres.

You'll need

For this role you'll need good communication skills, customer service skills, good time management, the ability to work quickly under pressure, and a high level of attention to detail.

There are no set requirements for this role. You'll usually need GCSEs in English and maths to apply directly for jobs. Experience in retail or warehouse work may give you an advantage.

You could also start by doing a retailer or warehouse operative intermediate apprenticeship.


With experience, you could become a stock supervisor or manager. At this level, you would lead a team, forecast stock levels and work closely with suppliers. You could also work as a retail buyer, looking at consumer trends and selecting which products your company will sell.