Job type

Storyboard artist

£24k - £62k

Typical salary

39 – 45

Hours per week

Storyboard artists generate images that show the sequence of an animation, film, or video game.

More info

  • Draw images that show the sequence of a film, animation, or video game
  • A highly creative role, with the potential to work on high profile projects
  • You'll need excellent illustration skills, adaptability, and good team working skills

Storyboard artists are highly skilled illustrators who work with a script to produce a sequence of images that show how the story unfolds. They work for all kinds of visual media, including films, animations, TV shows, ad campaigns, music videos, and video games.


  • Create initial sketches that will be discussed
  • Build up a full storyboard
  • Work by hand using traditional drawing techniques, or using a specialist software package


You'll often work as part of a wider creative team and your role is to show how the story will play out visually based on the script that has been written.

You'll need

While there are no set requirements for becoming a storyboard artist, your skill as an illustrator and your portfolio of work will be the main factors that help you find work.

Many storyboard artists study art, design, or illustration at university before moving into this area, and this will help you build the skills you need and develop your portfolio. Courses in illustration are likely to be the closest match in terms of the skills you need, but you could move into this field with a degree in any art-based subject with a strong portfolio of work.

Gaining work experience and building up your portfolio of work will help you get started, and as new media industries (like gaming) grow, there are more opportunities in these fields.


This is a highly creative and interesting role, and there may be opportunities to work on high profile projects. Some storyboard artists work for themselves and move from project to project, but there are also opportunities to work for major film studios and game production houses as a full time employee.