Job type

Water quality technician

£14.5k - £32k

Typical salary

37 – 44

Hours per week

Water quality technicians treat and clean drinking water and process waste water.

More info

  • Make sure drinking water is clean and safe, and look after the processing of waste water
  • You'll need practical, technical and scientific skills to test and monitor water
  • Progress into leading a team or, with further study and training move into engineering

Your role is to make sure that water is clean and safe to drink by managing the technical aspects of the water treatment process.


  • Operating equipment to treat sewage
  • Cleaning and maintaining tanks and filters
  • Adding chemicals and microbes to treat water
  • Monitoring water and gas levels
  • Taking readings and keeping accurate records
  • Following strict safety procedures


You might work shifts including nights and weekends and you could work in a control room or outside in a water treatment area. 

The job can be physically demanding and you may have to work at height or in tight spaces. Conditions can be wet, dirty and smelly, but you'll wear protective clothing.

You'll need

There are no set requirements as you'll often receive training on the job, but GCSEs in English, maths and a science could help you get a job. You'll also need practical skills to operate equipment, observational skills and attention to detail.

To get started you could do a water process technician advanced apprenticeship, or a college course, which would teach you some of the skills and knowledge you need in this job. Relevant subjects include the Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Water Engineering.

Experience working in plant maintenance or on a building site could also help.

You may have to pass a medical check and register with a water industry safety scheme.


With experience, you could become a team leader. With further training, you could become an engineering technician or a water engineer.