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Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not.

We created Sort to tackle the fundamental problems we saw in the recruitment and career education systems. We’re on a mission to make sure everyone has access to the best opportunities - opportunities that are suited to them - based on their potential, not their past.

Employers and Course Providers

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Dave Cordle RCDP, Career Development Professional

"I think this is a hugely important resource for young people and I’m not aware of anything else that actually does what SortYourFuture does.

What I’m impressed with is that young people can explore opportunities and industries based on their interests, skills and the industries they are interested in and then click through to see all of the different roles they could be doing in those industries. I particularly liked that when they choose an employer, they could see the industries that link into that employer, the job types and then what the routes into that job are and other information, and then complete the circle by linking back to which other employers on the database have those roles.

I’ve worked as a Professional Career Coach since 2001, working mainly with adults but, my passion is to get the skills to define and create success, the career skills business/industry actually values, into the hands of as many young people as possible. This tool seems to support my mission very well!"

Alison Edmonds, Director & Founder at Epic Steps

“We are building Epic Steps work with schools and we want to recommend a great careers site for the year groups we're going to work with. What I like best about your site is the friendly and sensible tone that you use with all your resources. Brilliantly positioned!”

Alison is an Executive Coach, Careers Consultant and Social Entrepreneur - enabling professional adults and school children to achieve sustainable career paths.

Shahid Idrees, Employment Links Consultant at Rochdale Council

“I was really impressed with your diagnostic tool in determining what sort of career an individual might pursue. It is very attractive and highly appealing, it looks like other apps in terms of the feel and appearance, much like music apps or anything else you sign up to and express your interests and moods.”

Shahid Idrees has over a decade of experience working as an Employment Consultant at Rochdale Council.