Meet our Youth Advisory Panel

We use a human-centred design approach to make sure that Sort meets the needs of our users. This is why we put together a Youth Advisory Panel. Our YAP members are a diverse group of young people from across the UK. Everything we do is informed by them, and we’re always working to improve their experience.

Meet the Panel
Meet some of the fantastic Youth Advisory Panelists we work with to make sure we're continually delivering the best features and content on Sort.

See below for details on how you can become a Youth Advisory Panelist for Sort.
"It's very easy to find the right career path based on things you genuinely like doing and are interested in. I will definitely be using Sort after I come out of university and recommend it to anyone stuck on what to pick as their career path."
"I have enjoyed being part of the panel and would recommend it to others. I think that Sort is a helpful place for young people."
""By witnessing both the work behind the scenes and the result the public gets to experience, I recommend Sort as it genuinely delivers the result it promises: ensuring access for everyone to the best opportunities, with an emphasis on their potential! ... [Sort has] enabled me to develop transferable skills in a not-your-traditional context. The nature of the work will not only allow you to collaborate with different personalities and enrich your knowledge, but will make your CV stand out from the crowd!"
"Sort gives you the ability to gain a more specific idea to what career path you may be interested in.
It’s the best platform I have seen attempt this so far. I would recommend it to others."
"I think the USP of Sort is the focus they have on what you are like as a person; the ways you work, the areas/sectors you might be interested in (nice and broad categories which is helpful if you don't really have a specific career in mind!). It's not, at least in my view, so wholly focused on getting straight on the career ladder, but just giving you the opportunity to start investigating options. I'd definitely recommend Sort to others!"
"It opened my eyes to how much work goes into creating a website focused towards helping people & providing them with information. It helped me feel more confident and excited to share my opinion/ideas, and after every task's conversations, I felt more and more inspired to be creative. I would definitely recommend young people to apply, as it is such an amazing opportunity for a unique experience to step out of your comfort zone and learn! I believe Sort is a website everybody should know about. Sort can be a fantastic help for anyone, as it gives the opportunity to explore all the different careers out there, it shares education/job opportunities, and it keeps you up-to-date with short articles.. and much more!"
"Sort seem like a genuine group of people trying to help us sort our future by providing us with Sort and I would definitely recommend it to others. I found the YAP experience interesting, informative and I would look into doing something like this again. I would definitely recommend to others who have the time to be on the advisory panel"
"I think Sort is a brilliant website that is tailored exactly to the viewers needs. It is a quick and convenient resource for finding the perfect career pathway for you. I would recommend Sort to people because it has helped me, and I'm sure it can help many others."
"I think its a really fantastic site with a huge amount of potential to be of aid to many users due to its simple and accessible features. i think the ease with which you can access information about employers and job types gives it an edge over many other websites with the same goal due to the quick startup process"
"Sort genuinely makes me excited! I will recommend it to friends who are struggling choosing paths and do not know where to begin their search of comparison. This will be a very helpful tool for many!"
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If you want to join our Youth Advisory Panel then see below on how to apply.

What do they do?

Our youth advisory panel members test our site and tell us all about the good, the bad, and the ugly! They are a major part of our development team, providing us with important feedback to help move our platform on to the next level.

"by virtue of my Sort experience, my CV and applications stand out from the crowd, which is a great achievement!" Medeea

Join Our Youth Advisory Panel

We believe that having our users at the heart of our business is key to development and innovation, and that’s where you come in. We want to hear what you have to say!

Our panel is for a 6 month term
Age: 16 - 25 years old
Hours: 2 - 4 hours per month
Reward: Up to £50 gift voucher per month
Work from the comfort of your own home