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The Woodland Trust Wales partners with Sort to promote employment & volunteering opportunities to young people in Wales

The Company:

The Woodland Trust is a Nonprofit Organisation dedicated to restoring, protecting and planting woodland areas across the UK. Working closely with schools, communities, families and volunteers they inspire, educate, campaign for a greener future.

Industry: Charity - Woodland Conservation
Headquarters: Lincolnshire, UK
No. of members: 500,000+
No. of woodlands owned: 1,000

The Opportunity:

The Woodland Trust Wales wants to inspire, educate and motivate young people to become the next generation of woodland guardians and advocates.

To achieve this they needed to increase awareness of their work and mission, ensuring that they’re a visible and attractive company that young people want to get involved with.

As a Nonprofit Organisation, they rely heavily on the time and goodwill of volunteers.

The Trust needed a low cost, effective solution to promote volunteering and employment opportunities.

The Experience:

The Woodland Trust Wales used Sort to promote multiple employment and volunteer opportunities. By tagging the opportunities against relevant job roles, personal attributes and interests they made sure their roles reached the users who were most likely to be engaged by their content.

By using Sort, The Trust were able to meaningfully connect with a diverse, young audience via articles, media and notification features. They were able to educate Sort’s users on the importance of protecting our woodlands and inspire them to get involved with the Trust.

Sort enables the Trust to reach individuals who may never have come across the organisation but would love a career which has real environmental impact. Sort expands their reach in a way that’s highly efficient and targeted.

In addition, The Trust were able to grow a followership of highly engaged users via their personalised Employer Channel. This is the perfect space for them to drip feed users with important company announcements and further employment and volunteering opportunities.


Reach: 2,950+ young people
Interest: 56%
No. of Opportunities Advertised: 18
Followers: 58

Since February 2020, The Woodland Trust Wales has reached nearly 3000 young people. They’ve advertised a total of 18 opportunities via Sort. 56% of these users were interested in at least one of the advertised opportunities. 58 users chose to ‘follow’ the Trust’s Employment Channel, meaning that they will be automatically notified of new opportunities and company announcements.

Sort offers The Trust a cost effective solution, simultaneously reducing marketing and recruitment costs, while raising brand awareness among a young and diverse audience.

JACE partners with Sort to promote apprenticeships

“We have found Sort to be a valuable and creative platform to reach young people and enhance their career aspirations and job search.  It’s an engaging application that is ever growing and developing to meet its audiences’ needs” - JACE

The Company:

JACE Training Ltd is an established independent Training Provider, committed to bringing out the best in their students. With a network of Training Centres across London and the South East they pride themselves on providing high quality training and support to all learners to progress with confidence.

Industry: Professional training & coaching
Headquarters: Surrey, UK
No of employees: <200

The Opportunity:

JACE’s vision is to make a difference by partnering with employers to deliver the skills for tomorrow.

To achieve this JACE needed to drive awareness of apprenticeships and training opportunities among young people, opening up their minds to the fact that there are many possible job roles that can result from one training path.

Sort enables JACE to meaningfully connect with a diverse, young audience. Using articles, videos and notifications JACE has multiple ways to engage with users, to guide and support them in their understanding and access of multiple development pathways.

“With so many different pathways and so much career advice online it’s more important than ever for young people to be able to navigate the information and these types of resources will be invaluable.” - JACE

The Experience:

JACE used Sort to advertise various training and apprenticeship opportunities, tagged against relevant job roles, personal attributes and interests. Enabling Sort to reveal the content that users are most likely to engage with and expanding JACE’s reach in a way that’s highly efficient and targeted.

“The fact that users can build their own profile makes things more personable, it’s like a conversation taking place.” -JACE

In addition, JACE was able to build up a followership of highly engaged users through their personalised Employer Channel. This creates the perfect space for JACE to continue to support individuals as their careers progress.
 “The ethos of Sort is strongly aligned with JACE, we want to support learners in finding the right pathway for them, engage and open up minds to the possibilities.”  -JACE

The Results:

Reach: 7,500+ young people
Interest: 77%
Followers: 17

In the last 6 months JACE has reached over 7,500 young people, crucially, 77% of these people were interested in at least one of the opportunities JACE was advertising.

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