Education & Training Provider

Kubrick Group

We are an award-winning Data, AI, and Next Generation consultancy that specialises in training graduates and junior professionals in the most in-demand tools and technologies. We then place our consultants with FTSE100 clients where they work on a variety of challenges to future-proof their organisations. We are a forward-thinking company that values innovation of thought, peer-to-peer and cross-company collaboration and giving staff the ability to adapt to new situations wherever possible. We recognise the importance of data-driven decisions and strongly encourage diversity of thought through the exploration of new ideas and never fearing mistakes, as with each mistake comes a new solution. We are also strong advocates of personal development and seeing the potential in people to grow their skills and explore new areas of interest through first-hand exposure to projects and resources. We place a great deal of importance in the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of our staff and are continuously introducing new initiatives that are designed to support all our employees.


A bit about us: We are an award-winning consultancy that hires smart, aspiring, diverse graduates and junior profess...

£32,000 - £40,000 - Per year
Full Time Job
Posted: 02/03/22 19:20