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FAQs for business - Sort Your Future

How is Sort different from any other recruitment websites?

You have the ability to target your opportunities with the characteristics of the person you are looking for - it's like a dating site but for jobs. We're focused on solving the 'Discovery' part of a candidates journey, we give young people the tools and information they need to make and informed decisions about their career! You want to advertise where a diverse range of great talent can find you, it's here!

Can I see a Demo of how Sort works?

Of course! To book a one-to-one demo, get in touch with Arif at Or check out this video for a taster of what we can offer you!

Do you offer discounts for charities and nonprofits?

Yes! Email us at to discuss the options and find out if your organisation is eligible.

How can I make sure I'm getting the most out of my profile on Sort?

It's pretty simple - post great content and tag it well.

Sort doesn't privilege certain users' content - we focus on showing young people what's most relevant to the selections they've made. So, great content will get the best engagement within Sort. We recommend using images and video (contact us at if you need help with this, we offer additional creative services to organisations who need them) as much as possible, and to focus on showing people who are easy for young people to relate to. Young people appreciate honesty and authenticity, so avoid anything that looks like corporate spin!

And when you're targeting your content, avoid the temptation to 'scatter gun' it. Choose tags that mean your content will appear to those people who are most likely to engage with. And remember, it's quality not quantity that counts!

What if the job I'm recruiting to isn't in the Sort database?

Please let us know! We have more than 1000 job types in our database and we've tried to cover as many roles as possible, but new jobs are appearing all the time and we may not have every variation covered. When adding your opportunities we recommend tagging a range of similar roles, but please email us at if you have a suggestion for a new job type.

Do I need a credit card/debit card to sign up?

It depends! If you're signing up for our free basic plan you won't need a credit card. If you sign up for a free trial on one of our paid subscription tiers we'll ask for your payment details on sign up so we can start your subscription after your free trial ends. There's no commitment during your trial though - you can cancel or downgrade your subscription to a free account at any time. If your organisation doesn't have a means by which to pay online, you can request an invoice from us for one of our paid subscription tiers. Please email us at and we'll let you know how this works.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just visit your accounts and billing page and choose 'Change Plan'. You can then downgrade your account to our free plan (and keep access to all your data) or to cancel it completely and remove all your data please either go to Account Settings>Data & Privacy and select 'Delete My Account' or email us at and request that your account is deleted. Please see our Refund and Cancellation policy for full details.

Why doesn't Sort target by qualifications?

Sort's mission is to open up opportunities to people based on what they can do, not what they have done. We believe that by targeting potential candidates based on their interests and passions results in a better fit. We also believe in showing young people the opportunities they can aim for in the future not just what they can do now. We know you'll check your applicants' qualifications where they are necessary during your application process anyway, so what's important at the early stages of the process is getting people interested who might be a good fit for your organisation.

I'm posting multiple opportunities - is there an easy way to do this?

Yes, you can duplicate opportunities from your dashboard using the duplicate icon to the right of your opportunity. This will create a new opportunity with the same settings which you can modify as necessary and publish.

Where does your careers information come from?

We've used a combination of the UK Government's published open-source labour market information under license and our own research from a range of sources to create what we believe is the most comprehensive and user-friendly career discovery database available. We always want to improve though, so we'd love to hear your suggestions for ways in which we can make it even better. Please email us at

I'm an employer and an education provider - why can't I choose both?

We have two different Sort account types - one for organisations who want to recruit young people and one for those who offer courses or other opportunities. So that it's clear to young people which types of organisations are offering employment and which aren't we ask you to choose one of the two options - the one that best describes your organisation. You can still post opportunities of any type, including courses, jobs, and events; or you can set up two accounts, one as an employer and one as an education provider.

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