Job type

3D animator

£21k - £39k

Typical salary

37 – 42

Hours per week

Create 3D animations for use in film, TV, video or other commercial settings.

More info

  • Use your creative skills to generate 3D animated sequences
  • You'll combine technical skills with creative skills, using specialist software packages
  • Progress into production management or set up your own agency/studio

3D animators use specialist software to create animated sequences in three dimensions. You could work in industries like architecture or in the development of products, or in the film, advertising or TV industries creating animated sequences for productions.


  • Meet with clients and key stakeholders, such as directors, actors, video game designers and other animators, to determine the scope of the work and project deadlines
  • Research subjects to ensure accurate animated representations
  • Communicate with other designers to ensure a cohesive vision across the product
  • Storyboard to develop scenes that require animation
  • Use software to create animated characters, scenes and graphics
  • Adjust colours, lighting, shadows and textures to perfect lifelike appearances
  • Integrate client and stakeholder feedback into final designs


You'll often work as part of a team of artists, designers, producers, directors, and sound and video specialists. In many cases you will be working in a studio or office setting, but if you have the necessary equipment you may be able to do some work from home.

You'll need

Skill and ability in creating 3D animations will be the key to getting work in this industry. You'll need excellent design and creative skills, spatial awareness and high levels of attention to detail.

Some 3D animators are self taught, but many will complete college courses or degrees in a relevant subject.

It's crucial to build up a portfolio of work (or showreel) that you can show to potential clients or employers.

To do this you'll need access to specialist software, which can be expensive, but which would be available to you to use for free/cheaply at your college/university or via a student licence.


There are opportunities to work as part of an agency or production house or to work freelance and move from project to project.