Job type

Back-end engineer

£40k - £91k

Typical salary

37 – 45

Hours per week

Back-end engineers are programmers who focus on the server applications and databases that make websites, digital products, and apps work.

More info

  • Develop the code that produces the inner workings of websites, digital products, and applications
  • You'll need excellent coding skills, problem solving ability, and attention to detail
  • This is a field with lots of opportunities and the potential to work for a company or as a freelancer

As a back-end engineer, you'll develop code that makes websites, digital products, and applications function. Your focus will be on the server, applications, and databases that handle and store data - unlike front-end engineers who create the parts of websites that users see.


  • Learn to use programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java, as well as MySQL, Oracle, and SQL server
  • Create the inner workings of online products, websites, and services
  • Work closely with front-end developers who create the parts of the site users see to make sure all of the elements work well together


You'll spend most of your time coding on a computer in an office or from home - there are lots of freelance opportunities for coders so this can be a flexible working option.

You'll need

There are no set qualifications for these roles, but you'll need to develop your knowledge of coding languages like PHP, Ruby, Python and Java, as well as MySQL, Oracle and SQL server.

You can teach yourself these languages using online courses and resources, or you can do a more formal qualification in programming or computer science at a college or university.

To gain work you'll need a portfolio of sites you have worked on, these could be personal projects that you have developed, work experience or volunteer projects you've done, or paid work.

You could also do an internship at a digital agency to gain further experience before applying for your first role.


In general, highly skilled coders are in high demand, so there are lots of opportunities in this field, and you may want to choose to specialise in a particular function or language like Javascript to become an expert and help you keep up with the latest skills.