Job type

Design researcher

£24k - £40k

Typical salary

37 – 39

Hours per week

Design researchers carry out research to help inform and improve the design of products and services.

More info

  • Research how people interact with products and services to help improve their experiences
  • Creative and interesting work, ideal if you're good at empathising with people and solving problems
  • Work for a single company, an agency, or work for yourself as a freelancer

As a design researcher you'll plan and manage the research needed to develop new products or services or improve existing ones. Most design researchers have a background in human centred design (or design that's focused around how real people use products and services), and it's their job to understand what potential users want, need, and their experience.


  • Develop research techniques
  • Immerse yourself in the brief or problem
  • Map out customer experiences and journeys
  • Capture useful feedback and insights from users
  • Present your findings to design teams
  • Work to develop solutions


As a design researcher you could work for one organisation as part of their design department or product department, or you could work for an agency which specialises in product, service, or business design where you'll work on different projects at different times.

You'll need

There are no set requirements, but many design researchers will have a degree in a relevant subject like design, psychology, or anthropology. You can also study specialist courses in design research at universities or via organisations like IDEO who are leaders in this field.

Design researchers are often naturally curious individuals who want to find out how best to solve problems, and you'll need to be organised, methodical, but also good at communicating with people, drawing out their views, and observing user behaviour.


With experience, you could go on to manage a team of design researchers, or become Chief Design Officer (CDO).