Job type

Employer branding specialist

£18k - £70k

Typical salary

37 – 45

Hours per week

Employer branding specialists work to develop the reputation and attractiveness of employers to potential workers.

More info

  • Manage the way an employer presents what it has to offer to potential employees
  • You'll need excellent marketing skills, creativity, and an understanding of recruitment issues
  • Most employer branding specialists work for agencies, but there are also opportunities to work in-house or as a freelancer

This means developing campaigns and communications designed to help the company attract the kind of people they want to work for them, and to recruit candidates who are a good fit (and therefore more likely to be successful in and stay with an organisation).


  • Developing the employer's EVP or employer value proposition (the unique set of attributes and benefits the employer has to offer its employees)
  • Use this to create recruitment campaigns and other communications targeted at particular types of employee that they want to recruit
  • Developing creative content for their campaigns
  • Devising role descriptions and reward packages
  • Planning where to advertise their roles


As an employer branding specialist you'll either work as part of an agency or 'in-house' at an organisation to develop the way in which the organisation promotes itself as an employer. 

You'll need

To get into this field you'll need to combine excellent marketing communications ability with an understanding of recruitment and talent management issues. Most employee branding specialists combine marketing skills and an understanding of human resource management and recruitment issues.

Some people move into these roles after working in marketing and others after working in HR, so qualifications and experience in either of these areas will stand you in good stead if you're interested in this field.

You could study for a degree in business, management, marketing, or HR at a university, or you could complete an apprenticeship or take a professional qualification with the Chartered Institute of Marketing or the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


This is an area of growth within organisations as competition for the best employees grows, and employers are increasingly aware of the importance of their reputation as an employer.