Job type

Human resources manager

£32k - £70k

Typical salary

37 – 39

Hours per week

Human resources (HR) managers develop, deliver and manage HR policies and plans.

More info

  • Lead a team running the HR function in an organisation
  • You'll look after things like recruiting staff, ensuring salaries and roles are defined, creating policies and handling staff problems
  • You'll need excellent judgement, good people skills and a good understanding of employment law

As a HR manager, help to develop and reinforce HR within a company or organisation, managing a team of people.


  • Lead an organisation's HR team
  • Support managers in getting the best out of their staff
  • Plan staff policies
  • Design and advise on company benefits packages
  • Train and develop staff
  • Handle complicated HR issues
  • Work to improve employee relations
  • Manage budgets


You could work in an office or from home.

You'll need

This role would suit someone with knowledge of human resources and employment law, business management and leadership skills, the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure, initiative, and the ability to work well with and motivate others.

You'll need a foundation degree, higher national diploma or degree course in human resources management, business management and human resources, psychology or business with languages. You could also do a postgraduate course in human resource management if you have a degree.

You could do a college course like Business Management and Human Resources, Applied Human Resources, or Human Resource Management.

You could also become a HR manager through a HR consultant or partner higher apprenticeship.

You could also start as an assistant in a human resources department and work your way up through training and promotion.

You can do professional qualifications in human resources, either online or at a training centre, approved by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Some companies also have general management or human resources graduate training schemes.


With experience, you could set up your own consultancy offering recruitment services, training, or advice on HR strategy and policy planning.