Job type

Exhibition staff

£2k - £25k

Typical salary

8 – 45

Hours per week

Exhibition staff represent organisations on their stands at conferences, exhibitions and trade shows.

More info

  • Engage with visitors at exhibitions and events, representing a particular company or organisation
  • Flexible, part-time work for those who want to work in this way
  • You'll need excellent people skills, the ability to learn quickly, and a professional attitude

Exhibition staff or promotional workers are hired by companies to represent them on exhibition stands, at conferences and trade shows, or at events. You'll usually register with an agency that provides staff to companies, and you'll be contacted by them when there is work available for you.


When you've been booked for a job you'll normally be given a brief on the company and may need to attend some pre-event training, you'll then act as a representative on a stand and speak to members of the public or visitors to an exhibition, telling them about the products and services offered by the company you are working for and in some cases making sales or recording the contact information of visitors or specific enquiries.


You may be expected to wear a uniform, and you may also need to work at the weekends or in the evening for some roles. You'll normally be paid for the hours you do on a specific job rather than earning a set salary, so your income can vary significantly.

You'll need

You'll need to be friendly, polite, have excellent customer service skills, and be able to act professionally on the stand.

This is a great way to build up experience and networks for someone who has great people skills, finds communicating with strangers easy, and is able to learn quickly and adapt to the requirements of different clients.

There are no set requirements, but you'll need to be able to show that you're reliable, have the kind of personality that enables you to engage quickly and easily with all kinds of people, and that you can adapt and learn about different products and services quickly.

There are a number of agencies that you can register with who may then be able to provide you with this kind of work. You'll need to fill in an application form and some may require you to do an interview or some specific training before they will offer you any work. Having some experience in a customer service role will help you gain work.

It's helpful if you are willing to travel and/or have access to transport as you will need to find your way to a range of different locations where exhibitions and conferences take place.


 This work is often done as a flexible, part-time option, but it may be possible to make this your full time career.