Job type

GP practice manager

£22.3k - £55k

Typical salary

36 – 38

Hours per week

GP practice managers run the business side of doctors' surgeries and health centres.

More info

  • Manage a GP practice, overseeing the day-to-day running of the surgery
  • You'll need great organisation and management skills, along with an understanding of IT systems
  • Progress to become a partner (part owner) of a practice or go into healthcare management in other settings like NHS Trusts

As a GP practice manager, you'll make sure a GP practice runs efficiently and develop a business plan.


  • Recruiting, training and supervising medical receptionists and secretaries
  • Paying wages and making sure the practice meets financial targets
  • Organising duty rotas for doctors and clerical staff
  • Managing the reception and appointments system
  • Managing medical records systems
  • Controlling stocks of equipment, stationery and drugs
  • Arranging the building's cleaning, maintenance and security
  • Monitoring prescriptions
  • Handling confidential information


You'll also deal with outside organisations like clinical commissioning groups, other GP practices, patient groups and local authority social services departments. You could work at a GP practice or a health centre.

You'll need

To be a GP practice manager, you'll need thoroughness and attention to detail, business management skills, knowledge of English language, administration skills, leadership skills, excellent verbal communication, and patience in stressful situations.

You could start as an assistant office manager in a health centre or hospital, working your way up through training to eventually be promoted to practice manager.

To directly apply, experience in a health and social care setting would be an advantage, although not essential. You could move into practice management from a range of different business backgrounds. You would usually need to be an experienced manager with a management qualification.

You could get relevant qualifications by training with the Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Managers, Administrators and Receptionists. These courses include Health Service Administration, Medical Administration, Medical Terminology, Primary Care and Health Management.


With experience, you could become a partner (part-owner) of the practice. You could move into healthcare management in hospitals, health authorities and NHS trusts. You could also work as a manager in a social services department, or in private healthcare.