Job type

IT director

£65k - £150k

Typical salary

38 – 40

Hours per week

IT directors manage the development of IT systems for their organisation and its customers.

More info

  • Be responsible for leading the IT function of an organisation
  • You'll need good technical knowledge along with leadership and management skills
  • Well paid, in-demand work with opportunities to progress into the most senior roles (like CEO) in an organisation

As an IT director, you'll be responsible for the smooth running of the IT systems of a business.


  • Planning policies and procedures
  • Making decisions about the organisation's priorities
  • Assessing current and future business costs, risks and opportunities
  • Negotiating business contracts and monitoring how these are delivered
  • Making sure procedures meet legal requirements and technical standards
  • Meeting regularly with the senior management team, partners and clients
  • Keeping up to date with trends in IT, and managing budgets


You'll work in an office.

You'll need

This role would be ideal for someone with knowledge of computer operating systems, hardware and software, customer service skills, excellent verbal communication, analytical thinking skills, initiative, and a thorough understanding of computer systems and applications.

You can start by doing a degree or postgraduate qualification in computing, information systems, project management or business management. Then you would apply to a graduate training scheme with a company to gain experience and skills to manage IT projects at senior level.

You can apply directly for jobs but you would usually need at least 2 years' experience of working at senior management level in IT.

You may be able to become an IT director through a senior leader postgraduate degree apprenticeship. You would usually do this if you are already working at a senior management level.


With experience, you may be able to become a chief executive or chair of an organisation. You could also work as an IT consultant or start your own business.