Job type

Market researcher

£17k - £24k

Typical salary

26 – 37

Hours per week

Market researchers interview people to find out what they think about products, services or issues.

More info

  • Carry out market research interviews, face-to-face, on the phone or via video
  • You'll need the confidence to approach strangers and engage with them
  • Work can be part time and temporary, but this is a good route into other market research roles within organisations


  • Go up to people in the street, phoning them or visiting them at home
  • Persuade people to take part in a survey
  • Ask people questions and possibly video them
  • Record people's answers
  • Organise the results and pass them to your supervisor


As a market researcher, you could work for advertising agencies, businesses of all kinds, or charities. You'll usually attend an information session (briefing) before each project.

You could be a telephone interviewer, working in a contact centre or at home.

You'll need

To be a market researcher, you'll need maths and English language knowledge, thoroughness and attention to detail, analytical thinking skills, good initiative, the ability to work well with others, flexibility and openness to change, and excellent verbal communication skills.

There are no set requirements, so you could apply directly for jobs, however experience in marketing or customer service would be advantageous.

You could do a college course, such as a subject in customer service or marketing.

You could get into this job through an intermediate apprenticeship in marketing.

Alternatively, you can also do market research courses through The Market Research Society.


With experience, you could become a supervisor or area fieldwork manager. You could also become a research assistant in a market research agency or social research organisation.