Job type

Market research executive

£20k - £60k

Typical salary

36 – 38

Hours per week

Market research executives help clients find out people's views about consumer products or political and social issues.

More info

  • You'll design research programmes and gather market research data to help companies learn about their markets
  • You'll need excellent analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Specialise in particular kind of research in a company, work for an agency or work as a freelancer

As a market research executive, you'll normally specialise in one type of research: consumer or industrial, social or political.


Depending on the type of research, in your work you'll usually:

  • Meet clients to discuss research projects
  • Create a plan or proposal and present it to the client
  • Manage a budget
  • Design questionnaires and organise surveys
  • Brief interviewers and researchers
  • Monitor the progress of surveys
  • Analyse data and present results to clients
  • Advise the client how they can best use the research


You'll work in an office.

You'll need

To be a market research executive, you'll need analytical thinking skills, thoroughness and attention to detail, good initiative, customer service skills, knowledge of English language, ambition and a desire to succeed, persistence and determination, and excellent verbal communication skills.

There are no set requirements but competition is strong so you'll usually need a foundation degree or a degree. If you want to go into quantitative work (analysis based on numbers), these degrees may be useful: maths, statistics, business, management, or economics. For qualitative work (analysis based on language), useful degrees include: psychology, sociology, geography, social sciences, or anthropology. English or marketing degrees are also useful, as well as sciences or engineering for some specialist industrial jobs. 

You could do a college course, such as a Level 3 Diploma in Marketing, or a Level 4 Diploma in Professional Marketing.

You can also do a marketing executive higher apprenticeship, which includes training in market research.

You could work as a market research assistant, or interviewer, with or without a degree, but you'll need very good communication skills, and ability with numbers and IT programs. You could also start out as a research assistant in an agency, and get promotion to executive or account manager as your experience grows.

Alternatively, you could do a graduate training scheme, specialist course run through professional bodies (such as The Market Research Society's Certificate in Market and Social Research), or get a paid internship with a company.

Being able to speak different languages may also be helpful for international work.


With experience, you could progress into management, or become a self-employed market research consultant. You could also move into the promotional side of advertising or marketing.