Job type


£5k - £100k

Typical salary

6 – 40

Hours per week

Audiobook, film, or tv narrators read a book or script as part of an audiobook recording, tv or film production.

More info

  • Provide the voice narration for audiobooks, documentaries, or other productions
  • You'll need a clear reading voice, acting skills, and the ability to control your breathing
  • Many narrators combine this work with traditional acting or voiceover work

Narrators provide the voices that you hear when you listen to an audiobook or watch a documentary. This is a specialist type of voice over or acting work, and as the audiobook industry has grown rapidly, the need for audiobook narrators has grown.


  • Read out a script or book in a recording studio
  • Depending on the type of narration you are doing you may be required to use different voices for different characters
  • Work as part of a team of voice actors, each playing a different part


You'll work in a recording studio.

You'll need

There are no set routes to becoming a narrator, but you'll need the same skills as an actor for this kind of work - like controlling your breathing, speaking clearly, and using your voice to create character and tone - so getting involved in or studying drama or acting is a good way to get started.

Alternatively you can build up your own showreel of your voice acting by recording yourself reading books or scripts. If you can create an excellent showreel you may be able to register with a voice acting agency who provide voice artists for a wide range of jobs from commercials to audiobooks. You may also be able to pitch directly for jobs via, which allows you to apply to be the narrator for audiobooks on Amazon's Audible platform.

Many voice artists have agents who act as a shop window for their services and negotiate rates, but charge a percentage of their earnings as a fee.


Most narrators combine this work with other voiceover or voice acting work, and some may also be actors in film, TV, or the theatre.