Job type

Partnerships manager

£30k - £100k

Typical salary

35 – 42

Hours per week

Partnerships managers create and build partnerships between businesses.

More info

  • Cultivate partnerships between businesses and brands
  • Develop strategies to help your business grow
  • Use creativity to champion projects to build stronger relationships between business partners


  • Manage relationships with customers to encourage business growth
  • Create new projects to build stronger partnerships
  • Build a network of partners through project planning and targeted outreach
  • Liaise with partners to solve issues and communicate needs
  • Analyse and report on partner initiatives, predict strategic changes and report on key metrics


You'll usually work in an office, from 9-5, and you may occasionally work overtime to achieve targets.

You'll need

You'll need good communication skills, contract negotiation, problem solving ability, time management, attention to detail, and strong organisational and management skills.

To get into this role, you could complete a degree in business, business development, administration/management, communications, economics, or a wide range of other subjects.

Once you've completed a degree, there may be graduate training schemes in business development or partnership management at a company.

You may also get into a more junior role (e.g. business development executive, account manager, sales executive) through a college course in sales or business and work your way up. If you've started work in a junior role, you could think about taking qualifications like a Level 3 Award in Business Development Skills, or Level 3 Certificate in Sales Management.

There are a number of apprenticeships that may also help get you into this role, such as a business to business sales professional degree apprenticeship or a retail leadership degree apprenticeship.

You can also apply directly if you have previous experience in business development or marketing, or you may be able to start out in a junior role without experience or qualifications and work your way up to be a partnerships manager.


With experience, you could become a sales director, business development director, or senior business development manager.