Job type

Train manager

£31k - £50k

Typical salary

37 – 45

Hours per week

Train managers are responsible for checking tickets, managing safety, and customers service on trains.

More info

  • Oversee the safety and wellbeing of passengers on train journeys
  • A public-facing role where'll you'll need good people skills and calmness under pressure
  • Opportunities to progress into senior train manager and station manager roles

As a train manager, you'll spend your time on trains, making sure passengers are safe and comfortable, and ensuring everyone has a ticket.


  • Making sure the train is ready to leave the platform
  • Making announcements to passengers on the public address system
  • Walking through the train to check tickets and answer any passenger queries
  • Advising passengers on routes and any delays
  • Dealing with any problems that arise during the journey
  • Making sure passengers are safe in an emergency


You may need to work shifts that include evenings and weekends. In addition to your salary you may be offered free or discounted rail travel as a perk.

You'll need

You'll need excellent customer service skills for this role so any experience you can get in a public facing role will help you gain the skills you need. You'll also need to show a responsible approach to health and safety, a good understanding of geography and the rail network, and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

There are no set entry routes into this career and you can normally apply directly to train operating companies (TOCs), who will train you before you start work. There are also apprenticeship opportunities in this field, like a Rail Services Intermediate Level Apprenticeship.

Most TOCs will ask that you are over 18 and you may need to take tests to prove that you are not taking drugs or drinking alcohol.