Job type

Train station manager

£25k - £59k

Typical salary

37 – 45

Hours per week

Manage the day to day operation of a train station, including staff, ticketing, and customer service.

More info

  • Spend your days managing teams of staff in a railway station
  • You'll need good business and leadership skills
  • You may need to work shifts including evenings and weekends

As a train station manager you'll be responsible for making sure that your station operates well, and meets its targets for revenue, health and safety, and customer satisfaction.


  • Manage a team of staff who will operate the platforms, customer information, ticketing, and maintenance, ensuring that they are trained and motivated and that their shift patterns keep the station appropriately staffed
  • Manage budgets - you'll need to report to senior managers on the revenues received and money that has been spent on running the station
  • Ensure that standards of customer service are met and that the relevant health and safety regulations are followed


You'll usually need to work a shift pattern that includes evenings and weekends and you may need to be on call for emergencies.

You'll need

For this role, you'll need excellent management skills, good organisation skills, calmness under pressure, and the ability to communicate effectively at all levels.

Many station managers progress into these roles after working as a member of station staff or a train manager, so you can work your way up from a junior role or through an apprenticeship.

Or, you may be able to apply direct if you have management experience in a similar field. It may be helpful to have a business qualification, or a specialist qualification in transport management or logistics, but this is not always essential.


With experience, you could take on more responsibility in different roles such as operations, customer relations, marketing, or HR management. You could also move into the tourism sector.