Job type

Wave energy technician

£16k - £40k

Typical salary

37 – 42

Hours per week

Wave or tidal energy technicians work to install, maintain, and repair systems that generate renewable energy from the sea.

More info

  • Build, install, maintain, and repair tidal and wave energy systems
  • Be part of the growing renewable energy industry
  • Opportunities to progress into senior technical roles and management

You'll work on the practical and technical aspects of tidal energy systems including the electrical systems that make them work.


  • Building, installing, maintaining, and repairing tidal energy systems.


Your work might include travelling to unusual sites, often at sea, so you'll need to be comfortable working outdoors and on the water.

You'll need

This role would suit someone who has an interest in protecting the earth's resources by switching to renewable energy, and someone who is practical and good at solving problems.

To work in this field you'll need to gain knowledge and skills in electrical systems, and other practical skills needed to build and maintain these systems.

Some employers will prefer you to have a relevant qualification in electrics or electrical engineering before you start but others will provide training on the job. It can also be helpful to have health and safety qualifications and the ability to drive plant machinery and forklift trucks.

You may be able to get started by doing an apprenticeship which will offer you the chance to train and earn at the same time.


This is a growing area of renewable energy production in the UK and so the number of opportunities is increasing.