Job type

Talent acquisition manager

£36k - £78k

Typical salary

37 – 40

Hours per week

Find great people with relevant skills and recruit them to work for your company

More info

  • Help your company find and keep talented workers
  • You'll normally work for a large company
  • Progress into senior HR roles like HR Director or into employer branding roles

You'll normally work as part of the Human Resources (HR) department and will be focused on identifying relevant skills and finding people who have them.


You'll work to make sure your 'employer brand' (how people view the company as a place to work) is strong, and that the kind of people you are looking for choose to apply to your company.Identify people with the skills and experience your company is looking for.


  • Promote the company to them
  • Encourage them to apply
  • Recruit them into the organisation
  • Suggest measures for improving employee retention


This will vary depending on the size of the company and the company itself.

You might have to travel to outside of the office or area, or to employment agencies.

You'll need

You'll normally work for a large organisation, and will need good people skills, marketing and promotion skills, and attention to detail.

You could get into this role by starting work in an HR department or working in the recruitment industry.

Having a qualification in HR like a degree or a professional qualification from the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) may help.

You could also work as a recruitment consultant to gain industry experience before moving into this field.


With experience, talent acquisition specialists could move on to become a senior recruiter, HR director, or talent acquisition director.