Job type

Bike courier

£5k - £35k

Typical salary

8 – 37

Hours per week

Bike couriers deliver parcels, food, or other items to customers using a bicycle or motorcycle.

More info

  • Deliver goods from place to place on your bike or by motorcycle
  • You'll normally need to be based in a town or city and you'll usually need your own bike
  • Work can be flexible and it's a good way to supplement your income or fit in around other commitments


As a bike courier you'll use either a bicycle or motorcycle to deliver items for customers or clients. Some couriers work for a single employer while others work for themselves or work as part of the 'gig economy' picking up work as an when it becomes available.


Couriers normally work in towns and cities where they can move goods quickly from place to place - this is particularly important for time-sensitive items like blood products or hot food. Work is often variable depending on demand so you may find that there isn't always regular work for you, and you may need to work evenings and weekends.

You'll need

There are no set requirements for becoming a bike courier, but you'll normally need good levels of physical fitness, good customer service skills, access to your own bike, and the ability to work flexibly.

You can apply directly to food delivery firms or other organisations who offer this kind of work. If you act as a motorbike courier, you'll need a clean license.

Most couriers will use their own bike or motorcycle to do their work so you'll need to factor in buying and maintaining this.


Many people use bicycle courier work as an extra source of income, particularly when they are students or have other commitments that require them to work flexibly.